Getting a home

River Clyde Homes has a variety of housing located throughout Inverclyde. Our houses are allocated in line with our housing allocation policy. This is a points based system which is designed to ensure that priority is given to those in greatest housing need. The key documents can be found in the download section at the bottom of this page.

To apply for housing you must complete a housing application form. If your medical circumstances are a factor in needing rehoused then you should also tell us about this. You should submit a medical certificate or, alternatively, complete a medical self-assessment form.

The length of time you will wait on an offer of housing will depend on the number of points you are awarded and the popularity of areas which you apply for. There are a number of information booklets, available to download below, which may assist you in selecting which areas you would like to apply for.

River Clyde Homes’ demolition and regeneration programme is almost at an end. This means that the waiting list for all our new build homes across Inverclyde is now open to all applicants.  If you are on the waiting list please tell us if you are interested in applying for any of these areas.

Another way of finding an accommodation is to swap your home with that of another social housing tenant. If you and another tenant wish to swap homes then you should write to us providing details about the proposed exchange. If you would like help in finding another tenant to swap homes with then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advertise this, on your behalf, in our public offices. In addition, we will shortly be advertising a register of people looking to move on our website.

The Letting Team is based at our Roxburgh House Office and the staff are happy to provide information and assistance. The team can be contacted by telephoning (01475) 788887 or by e-mail to


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