Getting a home

Your Home Lettings has been set up to make the housing application process easier, fairer and clearer.  We consulted extensively with customers over this new way of letting homes and how we should identify who has the greatest need for housing. 

We are no longer operating a housing allocation system that means people looking for a home have to wait for us to contact them.  We have made the process simpler and are now giving our housing applicants more control over their housing options by providing access to manage their own housing registration and the ability to search and bid for the homes that most fit their housing need.

We are advertising weekly our homes that are available for let and inviting customers who have registered for housing with us to search and bid for the homes that they want.   We will be advertising available homes every Friday and the homes available will change weekly.  Check our website regularly as you can register on-line and browse the weekly advertised homes to rent.  Don't worry if you do not have regular access to the internet, you can still get in touch with our One Call Customer Services Team at our offices or by telephoning 0800 013 2196 (freephone from a land line) or 01475 788887 (low cost from a mobile).

The allocation of a home no longer works on a points based system but on a priority needs group basis agreed within our approved Allocation Policy.  Our Allocation Policy and the priority needs groups can be downloaded using the links below.

It is impossible to say how long it may take to get a home from us as it depends on a number of things such as the availability of vacant homes, how many other people are registered and the level of housing priority need that you have.

At 2014, over 3,000 people have registered for housing with us and we let approximately 550 homes annually.

Our guide to applying for a home with us can be found here.