Financial advice direct to customers’ homes

River Clyde Homes has produced a second edition of the 'money talks’ magazine, which has been distributed to all tenants to help them through what is proving to be a challenging time for those who receive benefits.


30 March 2017

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 introduced major changes to the social welfare system. Some changes affect only social housing tenants, while others affect all benefit claimants. What is clear is that the Act is having a massive impact on customers who claim benefits, their landlords and the range of agencies who provide money and benefits advice.

‘Money Talks’ provides practical information and suggestions to help customers to deal with the changes brought by Universal Credit. It also looks at the practical services and support that River Clyde Homes provides to its customers for financial inclusion.

River Clyde Homes has been working for some time to prepare customers for the benefits changes for Universal Credit and its staff have made contact with over 1000 people who have been identified as being at risk from the changes.

Stephen McCabe, Chair of the River Clyde Homes Audit and Finance Committee, said: “Feedback from the first of edition of Money Talks was very positive, so we wanted to remind customers of the impact of the reforms. If we haven’t already spoken to you about the changes, it’s important that you read the Money Talks magazine to find out if you could be affected by Welfare Reforms. It contains a lot of useful information that could be of benefit to you.”

He added: “If I have one message at this time for customers, it’s that we want to help you, so please talk to us.”

Customers who need help or advice should contact River Clyde Homes on 0800 013 2196.