Fire Safety Messages

We have made the following statements after the tragic events at Grenfell towerblock.


14 July 2017

27 June 2017

The following letter of reassurance from Sandra McLeod, Executive Director of Customer Services, has been sent to all residents living in high-rise accommodation managed by River Clyde Homes.

"You will no doubt be aware of the recent tragic event at Grenfell Tower in London, which has been covered widely in the news. There has been wide speculation that the external cladding system may have contributed to the spread of the fire in the block, although this is not yet confirmed.

"Please be assured that your safety is a key priority of River Clyde Homes. We are writing to reassure you that the material used in the external cladding of your block is made of a different material to that at Grenfell Tower, and complies with current building and safety standards in Scotland. To provide you with further reassurance, we are carrying out a full review of our fire risk assessments, in line with most other landlords and RSLs in the UK. Fires in high rise properties are rare, however we would ask that you play your part to ensure the safety of yourself, your neighbours and the block, by ensuring that there is no rubbish or furniture left in communal areas, even for a short period of time, and that you check your smoke alarms regularly.

"River Clyde Homes will replace defective or missing smoke alarms, so please contact us on 0800 013 2196 if that is the case.

"We are working closely with Scottish Fire and Rescue Services (SFRS) and have enclosed a leaflet from SFRS that sets out what you should do if there is a fire in your high rise property. This is also available in the foyer of your high rise. Please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Service should you wish a free home fire safety visit on the details attached.

"Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Housing Officer on the telephone number above."

14 June 2017

First and foremost, our thoughts are with those affected by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London today.

River Clyde Homes has 13 tower blocks across Inverclyde.

We are aware that customers may be concerned about fire safety following the events in London this morning. Please be re-assured we have extensive fire safety measures in place with daily, monthly and yearly checks.

In light of this incident, and similar to many other housing providers, we’ll be carrying out a full review of these arrangements. We will also be monitoring the fire investigation in London to understand if there is any information which can help to improve our own safety measures once the cause of the fire has been confirmed by the fire investigators.

Please note any external cladding installed by River Clyde Homes is compliant with safety guidelines and meets building regulations.

Any customer with concerns about their personal fire safety can arrange a free home fire safety visit from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Ring 0800 0731 999 or complete an on line form here