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Rent Consultation 2018

13 December 2018

River Clyde Homes has underlined its commitment to affordable rents by this year proposing that the measure used for rent increases be more closely aligned with CPI (Consumer Price Index) rather than RPI (Retail Price Index). CPI is commonly used by many companies for annual salary increases and is the measure used to increase welfare benefits. Over the last three years CPI has, on average, been approximately one percentage point lower than RPI.

This year’s proposed increase of 3.4% is equivalent to CPI +1% and it is hoped that, subject to achieving planned operational efficiencies, future rent increases will gravitate to ‘CPI only’ increases.

This transition is consistent with our ongoing commitment to keeping rents affordable while enabling us to deliver the range of service improvements that many customers have requested. This includes, continual enhancement to our customer services (including 24/7 access) and ongoing reinvestment in existing housing stock, and our new build development programme.

Consultation over charges for wardens, caretaking services and factoring will take place separately with the relevant customers.

Here’s an example of how a 3.4% increase would affect a typical tenement property:

Property size

Current weekly rent

Proposed new weekly rent

Weekly increase

1 bedroom



+ £2.62

2 bedroom



+ £2.73

3 bedroom



+ £2.84

4 bedroom



+ £2.96

We hope customers will let us know what they think of the proposals by completing the freepost card being sent to their homes, dropping into one of our offices to complete a card or using the online questionnaire on our website. In addition our housing officers and customer contact centre will be asking customers to take a moment to complete the questionnaire.

Each response will be entered into a prize draw with one customer having the chance of winning a £200 shopping voucher.

Customers wishing to participate in the consultation using the online questionnaire can do so here. The deadline for responses is Friday 4 January 2019.