Find out more about our partnerships and the work we do with others.

As the largest housing association is Inverclyde, River Clyde Homes is a key community partner in terms of community wellbeing. We are committed to a thriving, safe and healthy Inverclyde.

As well as maintaining in excess of 5600 homes we work with others to ensure communities are sustained through not only suitable housing but programmes that have, so far, provided almost 1000 new homes with many of these properties designed to accommodate differing needs at various life stages.

But we’re about more than bricks and mortar. We have a role to play in ensuring community wellbeing and we provide a range of services, often in partnership with others, to maintain community safety, financial and benefits advice, homelessness support, the maintenance of public spaces, repopulation initiatives and supporting economic initiatives by providing homes for incoming workers.

We work closely with the local authority, Inverclyde Council, other local housing associations and a range of community and voluntary organisations. Our experienced staff are constantly exploring new ways to support not only our tenants, but the wider community, whether that be through charitable activities or more formal business partnerships. In recent years we have been developing links with organisations across Scotland to not only widen our experience but to share some of our successful initiatives with others.

Links to some of our key partners