Interested in our new CCTV plans? Contact Anne Ross 01475 788851 for more details

Reassurances regarding fire safety of our 13 tower blocks

Win VIP tickets to the Scottish Grand Prix of the Sea!

Residents celebrate Queen's birthday with 'Tech-i tea' party

£4 million heating upgrade for high flats

We're wheelie excited about free cycle activities for customers!


New grass cutting team hits the ground

River Clyde Homes has launched a campaign to remind customers of the importance of paying their rent.


Drugs woman evicted from home

Greenock charity RIG Arts kick off ‘Up The Broomy’ project


About Us

River Clyde Homes is one of Scotland's largest social landlords. We are a not-for-profit organisation, run by a tenant-led Board of 15 members and regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator to ensure we manage housing in the best interests of our tenants and the community as a whole.

The Board of River Clyde Homes approves an annual Business Plan for the organisation. This reflects the key commitments made to tenants including investment in core housing stock of £83m and the provision of hundreds of new homes for rent by 2015.