Customer Safety Notice

River Clyde Homes has been made aware of a potential safety issue in a small number of “Ideal” (manufacturer name) boilers.

Customer Safety

4 March 2024


River Clyde Homes has been made aware of a potential safety issue where a small number of “Ideal” (manufacturer name) boilers.

In a small proportion of the affected range of boilers (approximately 1 in 10,000), if an excessive volume of air has become trapped inside the boiler in a fault condition, it could cause the boiler to overheat and fail.

For this reason, we will apply a safety upgrade to boilers manufactured between August 2022 and 7th January 2024 across the following ranges installed in River Clyde Homes properties:

  • Logic Combi2
  • Logic + Combi2
  • Logic Max Combi2

We are working with Ideal who will contact all affected tenants to arrange a safety upgrade.

If you have an “Ideal” boiler, you can check if it is affected on their website You will require a 14-digit code which can be found underneath your boiler on the bottom left-hand side or on the Installation and Servicing manual left by your Installer. If you have any issues locating your 14-digit code please call Ideal on 01904 237965 who will assist.

Should your boiler be included and require the safety upgrade, or you have any additional concerns, but we haven’t been in touch with you yet, please let us know on 01475 788887. Alternatively, you can contact our gas contractor James Frew (Gas Sure) on 01294 468113.

Please note that your boiler is safe to use while these checks are ongoing.