Customers can have their say!

River Clyde Homes have commissioned an independent research company to carry out a sample survey of residents’ views.

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6 January 2023

River Clyde Homes is committed to involving customers in the monitoring and improvement of its services. We have commissioned an independent research company, with 20 years’ experience, called Research Resource, to carry out a sample survey of residents’ views.  The aim of the survey is to identify the opinions of customers about their homes and the services provided by River Clyde Homes.

Research Resource will be visiting a large sample of around 1500 tenants and 330 owner occupiers, who receive a factoring service, throughout February and March. 

Interviewers who visit homes will carry personal identification at all times and this will be shown at the start along with a letter of authorisation from the housing association. The interview will be entirely confidential and no-one from River Clyde Homes will see the individual answers. Research Resource will, at the end of the survey, provide an independent report of the total findings and the results will be published later this year.

We ask you to participate if you are selected as your views are vital in informing how we deliver services.

Anyone requiring further information about the customer survey should contact our Customer Experience Team on 0800 013 2196.