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Find out how what we've been doing during the crisis

Stay Safe

7 April 2020

RCH Group staff have been playing a key community support role during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Teams have been making daily reassurance calls to support customers through these testing times.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many delighted that their landlord has checked in with them.

Since 26th March, over 1,500 calls have been made to tenants to ensure that they’re getting the support they need during this crisis. We have many tenants who have asked for regular call backs so they have someone to keep in touch with.

While many residents are coping, some are not. Eight of those called notified us that they were feeling unwell whilst others informed us that they were having difficulty receiving supplies or accessing their pharmacy.

By working closing with our partners such as Belville Community Gardens, staff have been signposting tenants towards key support services where they can help with food referrals or medical supplies.

Prior to one phone call, a tenant with no family to turn to, was continuing to go shopping despite being concerned about his health. Fortunately, staff intervened and referred the customer for a food parcel with one of our local support groups.

Another housing officer had been contacting a local pharmacy on behalf of a customer who urgently needed medication while another staff member had spent the day liaising with a tenants sister as she had not been able to get out and check they were okay.

Due to the current situation, many tenants are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of job losses. As a result, staff from our Financial Wellbeing team have been working around the clock to provide help and advice to those who are struggling

Making these calls have also had a positive impact on our Housing Officers who are delighted to be making a difference. One said: “One tenant called me back to say he was thrilled with his food isolation pack,” while another added: ‘I guess they are all thrilled. It’s a great service. My customers in almost all of my calls have thanked me and RCH for taking the time to call.’

Caretakers have also been keeping a close eye over tenants who have recently returned from hospital while those in the 13 multi-storey blocks can receive regular call backs if they would like.

Julie Allison, Service Improvement Manager at River Clyde Homes said: “The reassurance calls are among a raft of new measures rolled out to help residents through these extraordinary days. While we continue to carry out emergency and statutory repairs, our teams understand the critical role they play in supporting the Inverclyde community.

We’re very proud of our staff who have displayed an enormous show of care and compassion for the tenants welfare at this difficult time. The feedback has been amazing I’m very proud of the teams’ work, in often difficult circumstances.”