Rent Arrears Recovery Policy 2024 - 2027

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Rent Arrears 2024

5 January 2024


This is a draft policy, outlining the way RCH will prevent, manage and recover arrears of current and former tenants. Changes to the existing policy are marked in red. We are looking for feedback in order to continue to improve our service to our customers - contact us with your thoughts at the address below and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Tesco Shopping Voucher:

At RCH we can only provide services and improve and maintain our housing stock if we have a steady rental income and minimal rent arrears. The prevention, management and recovery of rent arrears is a crucial element in the financial management of our organisation.

As a provider of social housing we understand that rent arrears are a major issue for our tenants and have a responsibility to provide advice and assistance to those experiencing financial difficulty.

To help our tenants avoid arrears and other tenancy related debts, RCH have a team of Housing Officers (HO) who provide a generic tenancy and rent management service and a Financial Wellbeing Team (FWT) who can help maximise incomes and improve the financial, social and economic inclusion of our tenants. This can reduce the impact of arrears on RCH.

As well as meeting our legal requirements, RCH will do everything it can to be as supportive and helpful as possible in preventing and managing arrears.