Resident delighted after receiving response from the Queen

A resident from a Sheltered Housing Complex was delighted to receive a response from Buckingham Palace after writing a letter of condolence to the Queen. 


24 June 2021

Cathy Ross, from John Galt House in Greenock, asked Support Wardens, Fiona McWilliams and Mary MacIsaac, to help her send a letter to the Queen (which you can read in full here) offering her condolences after watching the funeral of Prince Phillip.  

Cathy, who lost her husband and children to Huntington’s disease, felt sorry for the Queen having to grieve on her own at Prince Phillip's funeral. 

The letter included one of the Innocent Smoothie bottle top hats that the ladies in John Galt House have been knitting during lockdown and a request for one of the Queen’s many hats which Cathy hoped to wear for her recent 88th birthday.  

Cathy was over the moon when she received a reply from the Queen’s Lady in Waiting, Susan Hussey, who thanked Cathy for sending her condolences. 

Fiona McWilliams said, “When you read the letter Cathy wrote you can see that Cathy has had a hard life, but she has never let that get her down. She is always full of life and loves getting dressed up and having fun. 

“Unfortunately, she never got a hat from the Queen, so Mary and I gave her one for some photos. She spent all afternoon in the garden proudly showing off her letter to everyone.”