Sundry Debt Recovery

If you owe the Council money for an account other than Council Tax or Business Rates, such as leases, rent, or overpayment of benefit, this is called a Sundry Debt.

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5 April 2021

We are all very aware of how the global pandemic has affected us over the past year and our debt recovery services have been no different. The pandemic has forced us to adapt to new ways of working, with one of the key change’s being that our staff are now having to make difficult phone calls to customers about outstanding debts from their home. We have had to adapt our recovery approach in being even more supportive to our customers when it comes to repayment, recognising the fact that they may be facing financial difficulties through redundancy, furlough or indeed losing their home through bankruptcy. The pandemic has seen restrictions put in place for legal recovery which is one of our strongest methods for debt recovery. 

Despite these challenges, our Sundry Debt Team have been able to recover 97.4% of all sums due from non-tenant customers, in real terms equating to collecting more than £1m. This is a truly incredible achievement and is down to the exceptional talent and attitude of all the team. I’m sure they will modestly tell everyone that they always strive for 100% but it should be recognised that their performance over the past year (and every year) is something that is held in high regard.