Audit and Finance Committee

The Committee oversees auditing responsibilities, financial management and ensures effective risk monitoring and management. It provides the Board with an assurance that there is a systematic review of internal controls and financial reporting.  Members:

  • Jillian Moffat
  • Tom Ferrier
  • Christopher Curley

Performance and Services Committee

The Chair of the Performance and Services Committee is Marilyn Beveridge. The Committee oversees the delivery of services (including the performance and effectiveness of such services) to the Company’s customers. This Committee considers the most effective arrangements for customer access to services, customer feedback and customer led scrutiny. It also oversees the management of the Company’s assets, including the investment needs of our properties and places, and makes recommendations to the Board as to any major intervention and regeneration requirements.  Members:

  • Marilyn Beveridge
  • Jenny Speck
  • Elizabeth Grant
  • Graeme Brooks
  • Antony Smith