Estate Management

River Clyde Homes looks after the estates in many of our communities.  Estate Management refers to the way in which the estate is managed in terms of our stock and the tenancies of the tenants who rent a home from us. We are also responsible for the maintenance of some open spaces in the land that we own.

The 2023 tenant and resident survey conducted for River Clyde Homes rated our services as follows

  • Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with River Clyde Homes contribution to the management of the neighbourhood you live in?
  • SATISFIED 2023 - 96.11%
  • SATISFIED 2018 - 91.33%
  • SATISFIED ARC 21/22 - - 85.09%

Scottish Local Authorities also have responsibility for estate management and open spaces and Inverclyde Council provides services to support this.  We have complied this handy guide to outline who does what.

Inverclyde Council 

Contact: 01475 717171

Learn more about council services 

Service Summary of Service
Dog fouling and stray dog control Enforcement investigations and actions
Pest Control Operation of a pest control service for the treatment of pests which present a public health risk, which includes rats, mice (indoors only), wasps' nests and identification of and advice on the treatment of insect infestations
Illegal dumping and Fly Tipping Addressing the common problem in Inverclyde, including discarded old furniture, tyres, construction waste, garden waste, car batteries or bags of household waste
Removal of bulk Operation of an appointment system for the uplift of bulky household items such as furniture, mattresses, carpets, white goods etc.Operation of an appointment system for the uplift of bulky household items such as furniture, mattresses, carpets, white goods etc.
Refuse Collection and Recycling Collection of all residual household waste and the provision of a number of waste recycling services.
Street lighting Street lighting and lighting columns throughout domestic, roads and some commercial areas.
Open space maintenance Removal of flytipping, grass cutting, shrub, tree and path maintenance
Community safety Responsibilities cover crime prevention, neighbourhood watch and anti-social behaviour

River Clyde Homes 

Contact: 0800 013 2196

Service Summary of Service
Pest control Treatment of pests which occur as the result of a failure within the property only
Illegal dumping or fly tipping Removal of fly-tipping on RCH owned land only
Removal of Bulk Removal of bulk at RCH property only
Close lighting Maintenance of close lighting in RCH property only
Dog Fouling Removal of dog fouling from RCH property only and tenancy enforcement and investigation
Open space maintenance Removal of flytipping, grass cutting, shrubs, tree and path maintenance, on RCH land only
House garden in poor condition RCH tenancy enforcement investigation and action
Back court in poor condition RCH tenancy enforcement investigations and action

Our contractor Home Fix Scotland is currently carrying out the winter programme of works in our estates and sheltered housing complexes.

They will be clearing path and stairs, cutting back shrubs and carrying out a tidy up of the estates and gap sites. An inspection of trees and gap sites in our estates is also being carried out and any works required will be scheduled in later in the programme.