River Clyde Homes’ Registered Tenants Organsations (RTOs) can apply for two specific grants:

  • Administration grant  - following the 2014/15 review this grant is now paid at £1.50 per tenancy covered by the group and capped at £500.  It will be paid in two stages during the year where the application criteria is met. This money is for use with the day to day running of costs of the group e.g. stationery, telephone calls, paper and hire cost of meeting rooms etc. Download the administration grant application form.
  • Project grant (up to £2,000 per year) - following the 2014/15 review this funding is now available for environmental community projects e.g. adding to a play area, building a greenhouse, identifying and highlighting healthy walks in the area, purchasing a bench/planters etc.   All ideas benefiting the wider community will be considered.Download the project grant application form.

Grant forms should be completed and returned along with the other documentation as stated within the form. This helps to assess how much money the group will need and clarify if previous grant money has been spent within the guidelines. Failure to provide all the information required will delay the process.

The information you provide on your grant forms helps us to keep up-to-date with the association’s contacts, activities, and lets us know that the democratic process of election of committee members is being observed.

Raising your own funds

Associations who have raised money themselves should either keep this money in a separate account or identify such funds if they appear on balance sheets included with grant applications. This helps the Customer Involvement Officer to make the right decision when awarding grants, and also means that associations who do raise funds themselves are not penalised for doing so.

Unsuccessful grant applications

If an association has had a request for a grant award turned down it will receive a telephone call to explain the reasons for this and to give advice. Assistance will be given by River Clyde Homes to help any group meet the qualifying criteria where possible, and so re-application for a grant can be made. 

Further information

Any queries on the subject of grants should be directed to:

Anne Ross, Customer Involvement Officer

Tel: 01475 788851


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