Neighbourhood inspections


We have arranged a programme of neighbourhood inspections in all our estates.

This is the perfect opportunity for customers to meet with our staff at a pre-arranged date and time to walk around a neighbourhood and to discuss/highlight local problems and issues.

If you have a Registered Tenants Group (RTO) in your area, that will be our initial point of contact, but anyone is welcome to join a walkabout. And don't worry if there is no RTO, we will happily meet with you and your neighbours.

Our Customer Services team will be looking at environmental issues specifically: gardens, paths, stairs, signage, bin stores, common areas, fences, walls, footpaths, lighting, garage areas and car parks. You can get involved through our neighbourhood walkabout scheme.

After each inspection with local residents we will be grading a neighbourhood as gold, silver or bronze, in accordance with the Housemark standard.

We will then, in association with the local community, produce action plans that will detail the areas of concern, responsibilities, outline timescales and set out a schedule of improvement with who is responsible for the remedial action. The action plan will be updated after each inspection.

You can get details of neighbourhood inspections from your housing officer or by calling 0800 013 2196.