Non-dependent charges

Non-Dependent Deductions, or NDD, are direct deductions from your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs as a result of certain groups of non-dependents living in your home.

Non-dependents are people who normally share your accommodation but are not dependent on you for financial support. Others who live with you as a family and any children you have fostered do not count as non-dependents. Anyone who has a NDD on their Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Cost award will need to make up this shortfall in their rent each week.

You may be able to ask for Discretionary Housing Payments to help you to meet the shortfall in your rent. Contact us on 0800 013 2196 if you are affected by NDD and require support to make up the shortfall.

The current levels of NDD for this year (2022/23) for Housing Benefit and Universal Credit Housing Cost are as follows:

Key: IS – Income Support; JSA – Job Seekers Allowance; ESA – Employment & Support Allowance; UC – Universal Credit

The current levels of Non-Dependant Charges for this year:

If you receive Housing Benefit   If you receive Universal Credit Housing Costs  
The following charges are WEEKLY   The following charges are MONTHLY  
Aged 25 or over in receipt of IS, JSA or UC £16.45 Aged over 21 in receipt of JSA, ESA, IS, UC or any earned income £77.87
In receipt of main phase ESA £16.45    
Aged 18 or over in paid work and Gross Income:      
gross income: less than £154.00 £16.45    
gross income: £154.00 to £223.99 £37.80    
gross income: £224.00 to £291.99 £51.85    
gross income: £292.00 to £388.99 £84.85    
gross income: £389.00 to £483.99 £96.60    
gross income: £484.00 and above £106.05