Sub-letting your home

A young woman discussing a contract with a bearded man

If you wish to sub let your home you should make a written request (by letter or-mail) including details of the person you are sub-letting to, the amount of rent and any other payments you propose to charge, when you want the sub-letting to take place and the terms of the written agreement that you propose to enter into if you sub-let your home.

River Clyde Homes must give written permission before the sub-let takes place. We will not unreasonably refuse permission for sub-letting.


River Clyde Homes will provide a decision on the sub-let within 21 days of the application being received. If we are unable to provide a decision within this timeframe we will write to you explaining why.


We will not refuse subletting on unreasonable grounds. Reasonable grounds include:

  • Notice has been served
  • ASBO has been served
  • Terms proposed for rent payment or any other payment is unreasonable
  • The change would lead to overcrowding
  • There are planned works which would affect the tenancy

If permission is granted you cannot increase the rent or other payments made to you by the other person unless we give our permission. The tenant is responsible for the rent payments and also behaviour of everyone in the house.