Joint tenancies

taking a joint tenancy with us

An application for a joint tenancy is a means that allow tenants to add another person onto the tenancy.  All joint tenants have responsibility jointly and severally (solely) for the tenancy conditions stated within the tenancy agreement.

Every Scottish Secure Tenant (SST) and short SST has the right to seek their landlords permission to add a joint tenant.   Joint tenancies are traditionally created due to marriages but can also be sons, daughters or other persons nominated by the tenant as long as they are aged 16 or over.  There is no maximum amount of joint tenants per property.

From 1/11/19, due to a change in legislation, all proposed joint tenants must have lived in the property as their sole and principal home for a minimum period of 12 months from the date the existing tenant told RCH that they were resident in the house.  This includes spouses, civil partners and co-habitees.

Landlords have 28 days to make a decision and tell the tenant of the outcome and can only refuse permission if it is reasonable to do so.  Examples of these reasons are outlined in housing legislation.