Your tenancy

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Tenants have the right to apply to assign (pass on) their tenancy provided that the house has been the only and main home of the person they wish to assign the tenancy to for at least 6 months prior to the request.  Find out more.

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Ending your tenancy

We provide a quick checklist of what we need you to do if you are thinking of ending your tenancy with River Clyde Homes.


Sub-letting & Lodgers

The written request for consent to take in a lodger must explain the name of the person they wish to take in as a lodger, their previous address and the amount intended to be charged for the use of the room or rooms.  Find out more.

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Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is effectively when a tenant exchanges homes with another tenant who is also looking to move home. Exchanging properties can take place between two tenants of social landlords anywhere in the UK.